Yulia Smishkewych - Oceana

Yulia Smishkewych

Digital Communications Manager, Europe

Oceana Staff

The ocean is the background of my fondest memories.

Trips with my father and brothers “down the shore” in New Jersey or hopping about the rocky tide pools of the Galician coast as a child, day-sailing with my friends as a teen and spending whole evenings listening to an old seadog’s yarns at a shipwright’s shop as an adult — even my wedding was held on a paramount overlooking the blue!

For me, it’s no wonder why I love working at Oceana as a Web Specialist. Here, not only do I get to merge my creative and technical expertise with my passion for the sea, but I also get to be part of a great collaborative effort that’s dedicated to preserving and recovering our oceans so that our children will also be able to have a clean and healthy ocean in their memories as well.