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Oceana PSAs


Ted Danson, Star of NBC's Mr. Mayor, Needs Your Help To Protect Oceans from Plastic Pollution


Sam Waterston: Plastic pollution is killing our oceans


Nina Dobrev: Sharks need our help


Aquaman's Patrick Wilson Wants You To Be An Ocean Hero


Nina Dobrev Wants to Save Sharks


Josh Jackson Wants to Save the Oceans to Feed the World


Lauren Conrad Wants to Save the Sea Turtles

Lauren Conrad brings attention to dangerous fishing gear that is threatening sea turtle survival. She joined Oceana to visit Rancho Nuevo Sea Turtle Sanctuary in Mexico, where the world's most endangered species, Kemp's Ridley sea turtles, come to nest on its beaches.


Jenna Ushkowitz Wants to Keep Sea Lions from Starving

Jenna Ushkowitz spreads awareness about the dire consequences ocean wildlife are facing due to a lack of food.


Kate Mara Wants Drift Gillnets Out of California Waters

Kate Mara speaks up for West Coast marine life affected by drift gillnets. 


Miranda Cosgrove Wants to Keep Dolphins Singing

Miranda Cosgrove brings attention to seismic airgun testing and how it threatens marine creatures like dolphins.


January Jones is Scared for Great White Sharks

In August 2013, actress January Jones brought attention to the dwindling number of Great White sharks in the Pacific.


Help Aimee Teegarden Save Hidden Treasures

'Friday Night Lights' star Aimee Teegarden wants to protect the gems under the ocean's waves. She joined Oceana on the southern coast of California to explore kelp forests and meet sea lions.


Angela Kinsey and Rachael Harris Want to Get Turtles Off the Hook

In 2010, Angela and Rachael traveled to Mexico with Oceana to swim with sea turtles.They also visited a sea turtle hospital that takes care of sea turtles harmed by fishing gear or other human activity. 

Play Rachael Harris and Angela Kinsey's radio PSA. (right click and save to download)


Adrian Grenier Wants to Stop Bluefin Tuna from Going Too Fast

'Entourage' star Adrian Grenier swims with Bluefin tuna, some of the largest and most endangered fish in the ocean. Help Adrian save the Bluefin before they're gone, Join Oceana.

Play Adrian Grenier’s Stop Tuna From Going Fast ad series. (right click and save to download)


Kate Walsh Wants to Save Sea Turtles

Private Practice star Kate Walsh joins Oceana in the fight to save sea turtles. All six sea turtles swimming in US waters are threatened with extinction. Learn more at oceana.org/marine-life.


January Jones is Scared for Sharks

Actress January Jones asks for your help in joining Oceana’s campaign to save sharks.


Mating Season PSA

Ponder what you would do if your world were ending in this Valentine’s-themed Oceana PSA.


Destructive Trawling: Reefs to Rubble

With the capability to destroy century-old reefs in mere moments, bottom trawling is the single most destructive human impact on the ocean floor. Ted Danson narrates how Oceana fights to stop bottom trawling and protect the marine life that calls these habitats home.


Aaron Peirsol PSA

Swimmer Aaron Peirsol urges support for Oceana's work to protect the oceans.


Karina Petroni PSA

Professional surfer Karina Petroni explains her passion for our blue planet in support of Oceana, the largest international organization focused 100 percent on ocean conservation.


Oceana 2008 PSA

The oceans have been healthy and full of life for millions of years... until now. Help Oceana to make a difference.


Become a Wavemaker

Go to oceana.org/join to make the pledge to protect oceans and become an Oceana Wavemaker.


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