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Marine Animal Encyclopedia

John Dory Zeus faber

The John Dory has one of the most distinctive appearances of all fish, with a rounded but very thin body, a heavy mouth, and tall fins. It is an expert hunter, stealthily approaching its prey head-on. In this attitude, the John Dory's thin body is almost invisible and it can approach other fish closely. When it comes within striking range, the John Dory shoots out its protrusible jaws and engulfs its victim.

John Doryzoom image
John Doryzoom image
John Doryzoom image
  • Order Zeiformes
  • Length Up to 3 ft (90 cm)
  • Weight Up to 18 lb (8 kg)
  • Depth 15–1,300 ft (5–400 m)
  • Distribution Eastern Atlantic, Mediterranean, Black Sea, Indian Ocean, western and southwestern Pacific.
John Dory habitat mapzoom image