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Oceana Magazine: Summer 2014

Pole to Pole

Leonardo DiCaprio Funds Conservation Across the Entire Eastern Pacific

9,600 miles. As the crow files, that’s roughly the distance between Alaska’s northern coastline and Tierra del Fuego, Chile. In between lie two massive coastal currents, vast shoals of commercial fish, and a multitude of marine ecosystems.

A three-year $3 million grant from the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation will allow Oceana to expand our conservation efforts in the eastern Pacific Ocean — from the Arctic’s cold seas to Chile’s teeming Humboldt Current. This hemisphere-wide approach will protect Pacific apex predators by reducing bycatch of keystone species, setting conservative catch limits for important prey, and protecting critical breeding, feeding and nursing habitats from industrial fishing.

“Leonardo DiCaprio’s grant will fund critical conservation work along the entire eastern Pacific coastline, protecting species, and restoring fisheries across a vast stretch of ocean,” says Andrew Sharpless, chief executive officer of Oceana.

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