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Sea Turtles: What Oceana Does

Oceana scientist removes a hook from a sea turtleOceana's campaign to save sea turtles is dedicated to the protection and restoration of sea turtle populations in the world's oceans.

Specifically, Oceana works to reduce sea turtle bycatch, protect key habitat and lobby Congress to develop comprehensive legislation to protect sea turtles.

For decades, sea turtle conservation has focused on promoting gear modifications in key fisheries and protecting sea turtle nesting habitats and hatchling turtles. The efforts have begun to pay off.

Some sea turtle populations appear to be in the beginning stages of recovery. Other populations, however, continue to decline. Clearly, more proactive sea turtle conservation policies are urgently needed.

Through science, policy, law and communications, Oceana’s U.S. campaign is working to achieve one overarching goal -- the conservation, protection and restoration of sea turtle populations that nest on the beaches of, or swim in the waters of, the United States.

Oceana’s current campaign objectives include:

- Introduce comprehensive legislation in the U.S. Congress to conserve, protect and restore sea turtle populations.

- Require turtle excluder devices (TED) in all trawl fisheries in the Mid-Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico that operate in times and areas with sea turtles.

- Reduce bycatch of sea turtles in longline fisheries.

- Increase the number of fisheries observers on-board fishing boats to count the number of sea turtles caught.

- Obtain better information on how fisheries impact sea turtle populations.

-  Establish critical habitat to aid in the recovery of sea turtle species.

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