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Seafood Fraud: What Oceana Does

yellowfin tunaOceana is working to promote traceability systems, prevent seafood mislabeling, ensure the safety of seafood, and keep illegal fish out of the U.S.

To end seafood fraud, the following steps need to be taken:

Track and Trace Seafood

  • Fish and seafood information needs to be tracked through every step of the process from the water to our plates. Each seafood meal should be entirely traceable back to the original fishing vessel or aquaculture facility.

Prevent Seafood Mislabeling and Provide Information to Consumers

  • Seafood mislabeling must be prevented at all steps in the distribution chain. Consumers need to be assured that the fish they are buying is safe, legal and accurately labeled.

Ensure Safety of Seafood

  • Seafood is a high risk food and must be handled safely with increased accountability to prevent illness. Bacterial contamination and natural toxins are particularly risky in the context of seafood fraud.

Keep Illegal Fish Out of the U.S. Market

  • Illegal fishing not only hurts honest fishermen, but can increase risks to consumers. If a fishing boat is not abiding by domestic or international fishing laws, it is likely to be violating other requirements, including health and safety regulations.

Coordinate Federal Agencies

  • A wide range of federal agencies share responsibility for seafood safety and inspections, yet instead of adding capacity, this fragmented system currently leads to confusion and inefficiency. Coordination and information sharing is needed to effectively protect consumers and unite the U.S. Government against seafood fraud.