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Sharks: What Oceana Does

january jones and sharkOceana is working internationally to protect and restore shark populations.

In the U.S., we have been working to promote legislation that bans the brutal practice of shark finning. In December 2010, after years of work by Oceana, Congress passed the Shark Conservation Act, which bans shark finning in U.S. waters and solidifies the United States' role as a global leader in shark conservation.

In Europe, where shark fisheries management is either nonexistent or ineffective, the majority of shark species lack fishing quotas or other control measures, such as closed areas or minimum catch sizes.

Oceana is working for more effective shark management in the European Union, including fins-attached regulations, catch limits and quotas, bycatch reduction, the elimination of shark discards and the implementation of a European Plan of Action for Sharks.

In South America, Oceana is working toward a shark finning ban in Chile, and to increase knowledge of shark species in Chilean waters.

In addition, through reports and other materials, Oceana is raising awareness of the need to conserve sharks. By illustrating sharks’ importance to the ecosystem and economy, Oceana hopes to change people’s misconceptions about these beautiful predators.

Actress January Jones ("Mad Men") jas joined Oceana as the spokesperson for the shark campaign. Join January and learn why she is scared for sharks.