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Pearl Jam Rocks for the Oceans

Posted Thu, Jul 1, 2010 by MollyH to activism, Amongst the Waves, eddie vedder, gulf oil spill, music, ocean conservation, oceans, Pearl Jam, surfing, what you can do

Pearl Jam, celebrated for decades of rock music and activism, have launched a new effort in response to the oil spill, and it’s all about -- you guessed it -- protecting the oceans. 

Oceana is a partner in the effort, and their new website,, includes information about what you can do to live blue, including how to eat sustainable seafood, support clean energy, and help with the Gulf clean-up and restoration effort. 

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Oil Spill Quote of the Day

Posted Thu, Jul 1, 2010 by MollyH to cleanup, gulf oil spill, hurricane alex, quote of the day, skimmers

From yesterday's

"Until the weather subsides, all we can do is have everything ready to attack and remove this oil once we have weather that's more conducive," said Rear Adm. Paul Zukunft, who delivered a briefing for the Coast Guard on Wednesday.

"We've been held hostage for the last two days due to the prevailing weather," he said.

"When seas get over 3 feet high, the skimmers become ineffective. They wind up gathering water and not oil," he said.

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Oil Spill Quote of the Day

Posted Wed, Jun 30, 2010 by MollyH to bp, gulf oil spill, impacts of oil on sea turtles in the gulf, oil spill, sea turtles

From yesterday's Examiner:

“The spill was tragically timed for sea turtles that are nesting in the Gulf right now,” said Miyoko Sakashita, oceans director for the Center [for Biological Diversity]. “Newly hatched sea turtles are swimming out to sea and finding themselves in a mucky, oily mess. News that BP has blocked efforts to rescue trapped sea turtles before they’re burned alive in controlled burns is unacceptable.”  

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The Spring Oceana Magazine is Here!

Posted Tue, Jun 29, 2010 by MollyH to andy sharpless, gulf oil spill, loggerhead sea turtles, oceana in belize, Oceana magazine, sustainable seafood, wind energy

The new issue of the Oceana Magazine has arrived!

This issue features news from the Gulf, including an in-depth look at the dangers of offshore drilling. The magazine also explores offshore wind as a source of clean, safe, sustainable energy. 

Also included: updated news on the status of loggerhead sea turtles, and the latest happenings in our newest office in Belize, plus a profile of "Top Chef" finalist Bryan Voltaggio. Chef Voltaggio even gave us the recipe for one of his favorite sustainable fish dinners so you can make it at home!

Check out the magazine for more Oceana goodies.

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Oil Spill Quote of the Day

Posted Tue, Jun 29, 2010 by MollyH to bp, drilling disaster, gulf oil spill, quote of the day, volunteering

From today's Washington Post:

"BP was friendly and kept saying, 'Come on down,' so here we are, calling their bluff," said [Gordon] Rhoads, a graduate education student at Arcadia University in Philadelphia, standing in a mess of luggage in the hotel. "We want to show there's something an individual can do."

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The World Joins Hands Against Offshore Drilling

Posted Mon, Jun 28, 2010 by MollyH to clean energy, hands across the sand, offshore drilling, stop the drill

Across time zones and oceans, a single wave in solidarity against offshore drilling spread around the globe this past Saturday. 

At 12:00PM local time, Hands Across the Sand began in New Zealand and continued on to Hawaii more than 12 hours later. Thousands of people joined hands on beaches across the world to draw attention to the need for clean, sustainable energy. 

In Washington, DC, supporters joined hands at the White House to show their solidarity with Hands Across the Sand, the grassroots organizers of the global event.  Ethan Nuss of the Energy Action Coalition rallied the crowd of over 100 on Pennsylvania Ave Saturday afternoon. 

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Oil Spill Quote of the Day

Posted Mon, Jun 28, 2010 by MollyH to gulf oil spill, mental health, quote of the day

From Friday's Los Angeles Times:

"As we enter the third month of the Deepwater Horizon oil leak, it is becoming increasingly clear that Louisianans living along the gulf are not only suffering economically from this disaster, but also struggling emotionally from the stress and uncertainty of this tragedy," [Democratic Congressman from Louisiana Charlie Melancon] said in a letter to BP Chairman Carl-Henric Svanberg.

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Oil Spill Quote of the Day

Posted Fri, Jun 25, 2010 by MollyH to gulf oil spill, quote of the day, scope of the spill

From today’s News-Press:

As a marine science technician, Petty Officer Kelly Smith's job was to look out a window for oil, take photographs and plot coordinates on a GPS.

"The most surprising thing is always the magnitude of the spill," said Smith, who had made five previous flights to the site. "It's really remarkable how much stuff is out there. This is a huge, grand-scale thing. In some places, the oil goes on as far as the eye can see."

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Oil Spill Quote of the Day #2

Posted Thu, Jun 24, 2010 by MollyH to bp, gulf oil disaster, offshore drilling, oil spill, Tony Hayward

From Monday’s Sydney Morning Herald:

"Well, to quote Tony Hayward, he has got his life back, he would say," [White House Chief of Staff Rahm] Emanuel said of the outing at the yacht race, alluding to an earlier remark by Hayward that incensed political Washington.


Emanuel added: "What's more important is, do the people down there in that area have their life back? Do they have their livelihood back?"

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