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Ocean Fact O' the Day

"Dolphins are known to have sex for reasons other than reproduction."

Makes sense to me, I mean, what would you do if you found out your world was about to end? And while you're pondering that, check out this way cool video. ...

Happy Valentine's Day!

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Dolphins in Danger

Striped dolphins in the Spanish Mediterranean are under attack from a virus similar to measles that could kill roughly 75,000 of the creatures before the disease loses steam.

Authorities confirmed the disease, Morbillivirus, was also responsible for a plague that killed hundreds of thousands of dolphins in the early 1990s and also recently affected the Canary Island right whale population.

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Sad News: Fishermen Caught Killing Dolphins

Brazilian fishermen were caught on video suffocating not just one or two, but 83 dolphins, then piling them on the boat deck.

And what's more, they were laughing about it and joking about getting jail time. Who does that?

That's even worse than Japanese fishermen hording dolphins into enclosed waters and slaughtering them by the thousands for their meat. At the very least, they eat the catch in Japan.

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Who Needs the Orkin Man?

Every year environmental and animal welfare groups join forces to boo and hiss at (and work to oppose) Japan during the International Whaling Commission meeting. In 1986 the IWC instituted a moratorium on commercial whaling, and ever since, Japan has been fighting to overturn it. This year, Japan and its allies came dangerously close to inhaling the sweet smell of success.

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More Dolphin Casualties

More dolphins are turning up dead - this time on the shore's of Bulgaria's Black Sea. Bulgarian police have discovered 29 dead dolphins in a matter of two days, which brings the total of dolphin casualties to 56 within the last two weeks. These deaths have been attributed to entanglements in fishing nets. The Bulgarian government recently banned fishing with nets, but authorities expect to see more dolphin deaths before all nets are recovered. Read the story here.

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Hundreds of Dead Dolphins Wash up on the African Coast

On Friday, about 400 dolphins washed up on the coast of Zanzibar. Some speculate that it could be a result of U.S. Navy sonar activity in the area. Read the full story.

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Whales Can't Vote--But We Can

Looking back at February, I have had one thing on my mind - whales. When it comes to these creatures, it has been a time of mixed emotions on the Pacific coast of North America.

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Sandy's Journal: The Ranger Approaches

Xavier has been in touch with the Ranger crew; they are nearby and should arrive in Golfito tonight.

A MarViva vessel in port

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Mass Stranding - Pilot Whales and Dolphins

I once, as a kid, watched a pod of pilot whales from the deck of a whale-watching boat off the coast of Maine. They are playful, graceful creatures - despite the bulbous protrusion to which they owe the undignified nickname "pothead," as well as their latin title Globicephala maleana (I'm guessing that means something like "globe head," but my Latin is rusty). They travel in groups, or pods, within which they develop smaller family units that are stable over time.

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EU Parliament Votes for Whales

Those Europeans always seem to be - environmentally, at least - one step ahead. They have seafood labels, wind farms, viable Green parties...and now a multi-national body acknowledging the danger of navy sonar testing to whales and dolphins. Last week, by a vote of 441 to 15 (with 14 abstentions), the European Parliament adopted a resolution asking its member states to quit sonar testing until scientists have fully assessed its effect on ocean life.

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