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Kimberly Warner

Senior Scientist
Oceana Staff

Although I was born in New York and have since lived in other landlocked states, I spent quite a few summer vacations on Atlantic and Gulf beaches.

One memorable vacation was in Port Aransas, Texas, on the Gulf of Mexico coast. After traveling for several days in a hot station wagon packed with 8 people, we finally arrived at our destination late at night and ran straight down to the beach. I’ll never forget the sight of the full moon glistening on the calm water. It was so alluring that we all walked right into the water with our clothes on, as if in some sort of sea trance. It was then, at the age of 12, that I decided to make a living studying and protecting the ocean.

I have now been researching marine and aquatic environments for more than 17 years. I’ve seen incredible sights on ocean research cruises and while scuba diving, and I’ve visited many more beautiful beaches around the world. I get an incredible sense of peace being near the ocean, but I am also very respectful of both its power and fragility.

Most of my work has centered on aquatic pollution issues. Many people who live far away from the ocean do not realize that actions they take can have profound consequences in the oceans. This is because many pollutants travel down rivers to coasts or through the air to be deposited in the sea. I am glad to be working on marine pollution campaigns with Oceana so that future generations may enjoy a restored ocean.