Executive Committee - Oceana

Executive Committee


Andrew Sharpless

Chief Executive Officer

Jim Simon


Jackie Savitz

Chief Policy Officer

Susan Murray

Deputy Vice President, U.S. Pacific

Beth Lowell

Vice President, United States

Janelle Chanona

Vice President, Belize

Chris Sharkey

Chief Financial Officer

Kathy A. Whelpley

Chief of Staff

Joshua Laughren

Senior Vice President, Oceana Canada

Dustin Cranor

Vice President, Global Marketing and Communications

Nancy Golden

Vice President of Global Development

Kathryn Matthews

Chief Scientist

Liesbeth van der Meer

Senior Vice President, Chile

Mike Hirshfield

Senior Advisor

Renata Terrazas

Vice President, Mexico

Ademilson Zamboni

Vice President, Brazil

Pascale Moehrle

Executive Director and Vice President, Europe

Matt Littlejohn

Senior Vice President for Strategic Initiatives

Daniel Olivares

Vice President, Peru

Abbie Gibbs

Vice President for Institutional Giving

Vera Coelho

Deputy Vice President, Europe

Hugo Tagholm

Executive Director and Vice President, UK