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Ocean Conservation Donations With The Tide

Oceana’s Monthly Giving Community

What is The Tide?

The Tide is Oceana's monthly giving community of ocean lovers who want to make a difference in the world through ocean conservation donations. Just like the tide shapes our shorelines, our monthly donors help to shape our planet's future by providing for the oceans and marine life.


Visit oceana.org/thetide to join online - it's simple, secure, and the easiest way to join our monthly giving community. Join Now Online →

Give us a call at +1(202)-996-7174 and we will be happy to process your donation over the phone. Join by Phone →

Download and mail our offline donation form and we will process your donation as soon as we receive it. Join by Mail →

Why Should You Join?

When you join The Tide with monthly ocean conservation donations, you are making a real impact around the world to protect the oceans. Monthly support is the best way to protect the oceans and marine life, because it provides Oceana with consistent resources when and where it's needed most. Benefits of joining The Tide include:

You'll be providing long-term support for ocean conservation and the creation of policies that protect them. Gift amounts are manageable so even smaller, more affordable donations can make a big impact. Join Now →

You'll be joining a community of passionate ocean lovers and advocates who want to make a difference. We'll also make sure you stay informed with the latest ocean news and ways you can get involved, even on the local level. Join Now →

Your gift is automatically deducted each month, and you can access your account online anytime to manage your donation or obtain duplicate receipts. This also allows us to cut down on administrative costs. Join Now →

You'll receive a monthly newsletter via email keeping you up to date on the latest ocean news and ways you can help. Join Now →

As a member of the Tide, you receive 20% off to our online store, where you can purchase Oceana gear or symbolically adopt your favorite ocean animal. Join Now →

We offer Oceana-branded gear several times a year, available to members only! Join Now →

You'll have a direct contact at Oceana you can reach out to anytime with questions about the program or your donation. Join Now →

You'll receive a digital subscription to Oceana Magazine, which is produced three times a year. Join Now →

We'll regularly ask for your insights on Oceana campaigns, ocean issues, and other ways you'd like to make your voice heard. Join Now →

What Your Ocean Conservation Donations Do

The Tide community has already helped protect nearly 4 million square miles of ocean around the world. Here are just a few of the ways your monthly ocean conservation donation can make a difference.

Plastic-Free Zone


$10/month could help sponsor the creation of a plastic-free zone.

Research and Education


$50/month could help fund research projects and community outreach programs.

Scientific Expeditions


$100/month could help support an Oceana expedition.

Not ready to give monthly?

You can still make a difference for the oceans. Make a one-time ocean conservation donation instead at oceana.org/donate.