Oceana Staff - Oceana

Oceana Staff


Jillian Acker

Science & Strategy Research Associate

Pablo Acuña

Community Manager

Ricardo Aguilar

Senior Advisor & Expedition Leader, Europe

Alex Aines

Marine Scientist, Responsible Fishing Campaign

Georgina Aldana

Communications Director, Mexico

Helena Alvarez

Marine Scientist

Naja Andersen

Senior Policy Advisor

Becca Antonopolos

Senior Data Systems Administrator

Cristián Arroyo

Senior Press Manager

Cesar Astete

Senior Campaign Manager

Darius Avila

Office Administrator

Mariana Aziz

Director of Transparency Campaign

Melissa Bannett

Senior Director, Institutional Giving

Addison Bauer

Multimedia Specialist

Anna Baxter

Communications Specialist

Matt Bebout

Grants Analyst

Sarah Bedolfe

Marine Scientist

Paola Bedós

Events Coordinator

Selene Benavente

Policy Associate

Paulita Bennett-Martin

Federal Policy Manager

Philippe Berhault

Global HR Director, Systems, Compensation and Business Partner

Sonya Bethea

Senior Director, Global Human Resources

Eric Bilsky

Senior Attorney and Assistant General Counsel

Caitlynn Birch

Pacific Marine Scientist

Lucinda Birk

Campaigns Social Media Specialist

Ashley Blacow-Draeger

Pacific Policy and Communications Manager

Jorge Blanco

GIS and Expedition Logistics Coordinator, Europe

Patricia Bonilha

Communication Manager

Miriam Bozzetto

Campaign Analyst

Diego Bravo

Fisheries Scientist

Jennifer Brett

Communications Manager, Sailors for the Sea

Tara Brock

Pacific Counsel

Gib Brogan

Campaign Director, Fisheries

Shelley Brown

Director, Sailors for the Sea

Deborah Brownlee

Director of Operations, GOS

Paulina Buhler


Yesenia Calderón

Office Accountant

Javiera Calisto

Campaign Director

Irene Campmany

Communications Officer

Leticia Canton

Senior Marine Scientist

Ester Casado

Executive Assistant

Alicia Cate

Senior Counsel

Erica Charles

HR Assistant

Ximena Chavez

Multimedia Specialist

Philip Chou

Senior Director, Global Policy

Emoke Ciorogan

Web Developer

Josh Cohn

Social Media Specialist

Priscilla Cole

Office Support Assistant

Kleon Coleman

Outreach Assistant

Emily Conklin

Program Manager, Sailors for the Sea

Yamil Cordero

Senior Staff Accountant

David Costalago

Marine Scientist, Science & Strategy

Aracelly Cruz Ynga

Administrative Assistant

Kelsie Cuevas

Administrative/Executive Assistant

Claudia Davis

Campaign Associate

Ben Davis

Campaign Associate

Soraya de Miguel

Director of Finance, Europe

María del Carmen Rosas

Executive Assistant

Liliana Del Mar

US HR Director and Business Partner

Martin Dias

Science Director

Mark Dowd

Director of Operations, Development

Nancy Downes

Senior Field Representative, Massachusetts

Matt Dundas

Campaign Director, Maine Aquaculture

Cheryl Eldemar

Pacific Business Manager

Ben Enticknap

Pacific Campaign Manager and Senior Scientist

Alyssa Fabro

Communications Director

Connor Fagan

Federal Policy Manager

Emily Fairless

Communications Officer

Ian Feldmann

IT Helpdesk Assistant

Melissa Forsyth

Multimedia Producer

Nicolas Fournier

Campaign Director, Marine Protection, Europe

Jonathan Frank

Director, Global Corporate and Celebrity Partnerships

Ignacio Fresco

Senior Policy Advisor

Valeria Fuentes

Multimedia Specialist

Joy Gaddy

Director of Human Resources

Silvia García

Senior Marine Scientist, Europe

Elizabeth Garcia Alcaraz

Director of Finance and Administration, Mexico

Esteban García-Peña

Fisheries Campaign Director

Tess Geers

Research Director

Anna George

Manager, Executive Office

Sarah Giltz

Marine Scientist

Hermina Glass-Hill

Field Representative, Georgia

Nancy Gocher

Federal Policy Specialist

Jacinta Gomez

Outreach and Project Director

Joshua Gomez

Administrative Assistant

Matthias Gorny

Science Director

Shari Greenblatt

Director, Global Events

Courtney Gross

Director of Development

Carmen Heck

Policy Director

José Herias

Grants Compliance Manager

Andrea Hierro

Executive Assistant

Demi Holloway

Development Associate

Lianne Holzer

Executive Assistant to the President

Sara Holzknecht

Field Representative, Washington

Diane Hoskins

Campaign Director, Offshore Drilling

Claire Huang

Climate & Oceans Fellow

Andrés Iturria

Helpdesk Assistant

Lara Iwanicki

Campaign Manager

Megan Jordan

Senior Manager, Communications

Nathan Juarez

Field Representative - Toledo

Mohamed Kalouda

IT Systems Administrator

Jamie Karnik

Pacific Communications Manager

Elyse Kochman

Maine Aquaculture Fellow

Konstantin Kostadinov

Director, Web and Cloud Solutions

Alicia Kuroiwa

Marine Scientist

Brian Langloss

Senior Field Representative, New York

Leslie LaRose

Corporate Governance and Compliance Manager

Corinne Leard

Social Media Specialist

Christy Leavitt

Plastics Campaign Director

Juan Leon

Director, IT Infrastructure

Nick Leopold

Campaign Manager

Lara Levison

Senior Director, Federal Policy

Agnes Lisik

Senior Policy Advisor

Javier Lopez

Campaign Director, Sustainable Fisheries

Kelsey Lowery


 José Machado

Office Administrator

Iran Magno

Campaign Analyst

Patricia Majluf

Senior Scientist, Peru

Claudia Makhlouf

Office Administrator

Lydia Mambo

Senior Accountant

Pilar Marin

Senior Marine Scientist, Europe

Edith Martinez

Communications Manager

Austin Matheny-Kawesch

U.S. Communications Manager

Estela Mayordomo


Jessica McLean

Digital Marketing Specialist

Brianne Mecum

Senior GIS and Policy Analyst

Alison Merow

Senior Manager of Donor Communications

Michael Messmer

Senior Federal Policy Manager

Riley Michaelsen

Digital Marketing Specialist

Dana Miller

Director of Strategic Initiatives

Hunter Miller

Senior Field Representative, Florida's Gulf Coast

Ignacio Mira

Grant Analyst

Melissa Moore

Senior Policy Adviser, Europe

Melissa Morris

Field Representative, Southern California

Patrick Mustain

Creative Director

Rian Nathani

Senior Development Associate

Marc Nykolyszyn

Senior Development Manager, Europe

Nancy O’Connor

Foundations Director

Katie O’Donnell

Illegal Fishing and Transparency Fellow

CJ O’Brien

US Plastics Campaign Associate

María Perez

Development Director

Guillermo Perez

Communications Specialist

Andres Perotti

Staff Attorney

Allison Perry

Director, Science & Strategy, Europe

Kevin Pettit

Global Sr. Director of Finance

Emily Porterfield

Associate, Global Fisheries Transparency Coalition

Rachelle Powell

Junior Accountant

Nancy Pyne

Field Director, U.S. Campaigns

Carolina Quijano

Senior Manager, Global Events

Sofia Ramirez

Director of Operations

Lisbeth Ramos

Human Resources & Office Assistant

Rion Reyes

Campaign Associate

Mariana Reyna

Oceans and Fisheries Scientist

Tania Rheinen

Communications Director

Beatriz Ribeiro

Communication Analyst

Clare Rickerby

Accounting Manager

Miguel Rivas Soto

Habitat Campaign Director

Ryan Rivera

Senior Field Representative

Juan Carlos Riveros

Science Director

Nicole Rockwell

Director of Grants and Budgets

Gabriela Rodriguez

Executive Assistant to the Vice President of Development

Antonio Ruiz

Finance and Administration Coordinator

Angeles Sáez

Photo Library Manager, Europe

Shanda Sainsbury

Stann Creek Field Representative

Nyazia Sajdah-Bey

Science & Strategy Fellow

Natividad Sánchez

Campaign Director, Plastics, Europe

Edna Santana

Executive Assistant

Ricardo Sarria

Content & Strategy Specialist

Sonia Sharan

Manager, Impact and Economics

Geoff Shester

California Campaign Director & Senior Scientist

Samantha Siegel

Field Campaign Manager

Juliana Silva

Operations Analyst

Lúcia Silva

Admin & Finance Specialist

Julia Singer

Marine Scientist, Fisheries

Yulia Smishkewych

Digital Communications Manager, Europe

Gillian Spolarich

Senior Manager, International Communications

Kerri Stancil

Senior Manager, Donor Communications and Stewardship

Kirsten Stathos

Senior Associate, Corporate and Celebrity Partnerships

Randy Sturgill

Senior Field Representative, North Carolina

Juan Carlos Sueiro

Fisheries Director

Colleen Sullivan

Illegal Fishing and Transparency Fellow

Rafael Tapia

Communications Director

Dedria Taylor


Mar Tello

Senior Manager, Human Resources

Skirmata Treinyte

Development Manager

Catherine Uden

Field Representative, South Florida

Macarena Ugarte

Director of Finance and Administration, Chile

Andrew Usher

Communications Specialist

Camilla Valadares

Director of Communications

Marla Valentine

Campaign Director, Illegal Fishing and Transparency

Melissa Valliant

Senior Manager, Communications

Francisca Villalón

Graphic Designer

Vanya Vulperhorst

Campaign Director, Illegal Fishing and Transparency, Europe

Kim Warner

Senior Scientist

Jon Warrenchuk

Campaign Manager and Senior Ocean Scientist

Annie Weis

Senior Director for Global Events

Anna Weshner-Dunning

Field Representative, Mid-Atlantic

Beth White Collins

Senior Director, Global Information Technology

Carie Wilt

Director, Digital Marketing

Caroline Wood

Field Campaigns Manager, U.S. East Coast