Cheryl Eldemar | Oceana

Cheryl Eldemar

Pacific Business Manager

Oceana Staff

How rewarding to be a part of the Oceana team.  As an Alaska Native born and raised in Juneau, the coastal waters of Alaska have always been an integral part of my life.

Significant childhood memories consistently link me to the water: family outings and recreation; tribal connections to past, present, and future generations; community events; and the rich abundance of the ocean’s life that we are most fortunate to have on the dinner table. As a youth I never questioned the health of our local waters, or the availability of life within those waters.

Life experience beyond Alaska, and the earth’s condition as we know it today has drastically altered my point of view. My love of our marine neighborhood, combined with what I believe is a duty to steward our world’s oceans, provides an ideal fit with the amazing works at Oceana. Over twenty years’ experience in the non-profit sector has been a helpful contribution to my work at Oceana.  It is a privilege to work with a dedicated, smart, and hardworking team at Oceana, while positively affecting the health of our world’s oceans.