Brian Langloss | Oceana

Brian Langloss

Senior Manager of Institutional Giving

Oceana Staff

A native of the Mississippi Gulf Coast, Brian spent much of his childhood on his grandfather’s shrimp boat.  Once the net released the catch onto the boat’s aft deck, Brian’s job was to go through all the shrimp in search of turtles, fish, and other marine life to be returned to the Gulf. 

Displaced from New Orleans by Hurricane Katrina, Brian began working in New York City for the International Culinary Center, where he also earned a grand diplome in Italian Culinary Arts.  After staging at a restaurant in Genova, where he was immersed in the seafood traditions typical of the Mar Ligure, Brian returned to New York with an urgent sense that the marine food web supported by our oceans must be better safeguarded for future generations.  As such, he cofounded a subscription for concentrated household cleaners designed to prevent persistent, bioaccumulative toxins from being released down the drain, and sold with reusable aluminum spray bottles intended to reduce plastic bottle pollution.  During this time he also pursued a Master of Sustainability and Environmental Management, which was awarded in the spring of 2017.  Joining Oceana that autumn as the campaign organizer for New York, Brian looks forward to helping his neighbors in New York City and Long Island celebrate and protect the heritage marine tourism, culture of seafood, and advancements in renewable energy that set New York apart from the rest of the nation. 


Location: United States