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Martin Dias

Science Director

Oceana Staff

Martin Dias is the Science Director for Oceana’s office in Brazil.

Martin graduated in Oceanography and is Master of Science in Environmental Science and Technology. Over his short career he worked as a fisheries scientist at Itajaí Valley University (UNIVALI) from 2009 to 2012 and as a fisheries consultant during most of the time since he left his position at the University. His work has focused on evaluating the sustainability of artisanal and industrial fisheries according to different types of standards as also on developing and implementing improvement programs. He also worked in supply chain analysis of small-scale fisheries and developing social and economic diagnostics of the fishing sector. Having worked as a consultant in several different projects, Martin gathered a good understanding about the Brazilian fishing sector as a whole. Now he is helping Oceana to improve fisheries management in Brazil”.


Location: Brazil