María Perez | Oceana

María Perez

Senior Director Executive Affairs

Oceana Staff

There are many ways of giving sense to your life, and all of them are equally valid…

Since somebody told us that we need to work in order to live, I’ve chosen to optimize my time by fighting for change and to contribute, with my dedication, to make this world a healthier and livable place. I chose to make every day a better thing within my small parcel of responsibility.

I’ve been working over ten years in NGOs, but oceans… Never until Oceana. And it truly makes sense. I was born up North, by the sea, and I’ve always respected the majesty of its behavior, the mystery that surrounds it and the strength of its connection to the earth.

And all that happens because hidden down there exists an invaluable ecosystem of vital importance and finite character that, if we fail to protect, will end up leading the chain effect of irreparable consequences in the world as we know it.