Nathalia Carvalho | Oceana

Nathalia Carvalho

Communication Analyst

Oceana Staff

Journalism Graduate at the Centro Universitário de Brasília (UniCEUB) and currently pursuing a postgraduate degree in Art Direction in Communication at Belas Artes de São Paulo.

Born and raised by the sea, she has always considered the oceans a space of refuge, resilience, and learning.

She has consistently been interested in topics related to the environment, universal education, and human rights, with a focus on indigenous causes. She actively participated in the coverage of the 1st March of Indigenous Women in 2019 and produced a mini-documentary about indigenous women at the University of Brasília (UnB).

With experience in content production, social media management, photography, and audiovisual production, she was part of the coordination of the National Campaign Against Violence in Rural Areas, collaborating with social movements across the country.

Collaborating with Oceana, she contributed to campaigns addressing Plastic Pollution, Habitat Protection, combating Trawling Fishing, and the development of a new Fisheries Law.

Curious and always open to hearing different narratives, she believes in the art of storytelling as a fundamental tool in building a future that’s just for the upcoming generations.