Marla Valentine - Oceana

Marla Valentine

Campaign Director, Illegal Fishing and Transparency

Oceana Staff

Dr. Marla ‘Max’ine Valentine is a new addition to Oceana taking on the role of Illegal Fishing and Transparency Analyst.

Marla graduated from Louisiana State University in 2013 with a Master of Science in Oceanography that centered on deep-sea benthic ecology using ROVs following the Deepwater Horizon Incident. She defended her doctorate at Old Dominion University in 2018 focusing on biogeochemical cycling of nutrients in coastal marine ecosystems, specifically in the Florida Keys. Between degrees, Marla worked for several marine research labs from Alabama to Delaware to Alaska studying sharks alligators and finfish, acoustic and satellite telemetry, and aquatic invasive species. Prior to joining Oceana, Marla was a Knauss Fellow, working as an International Fisheries Science Specialist at NOAA Fisheries.