Elizabeth Garcia Alcaraz | Oceana

Elizabeth Garcia Alcaraz

Director of Finance and Administration, Mexico

Oceana Staff

Elizabeth joined Oceana on March 2022, as Director of Finance and Administration in Mexico City.

Before becoming a member of the team, she was CFO, Partner and Specialist in Non-Profits for Tecnología Informática Contable, an accounting firm based in Mexico and focused on capacity building through financial, accounting and fiscal advisory for companies with different lines of business.

Elizabeth’s passion for the ocean started when she was a little kid and enjoyed swimming and jumping the waves with her father. She also loves nature and animals. She had the opportunity to combine her interest for the environment with her profession while working for almost 13 years for the Mexican Fund for the Conservation of Nature, a Mexican non-profit dedicated to financially support and strengthen efforts for the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity in Mexico. Elizabeth was the Director of Treasury and Budget Control, the General Accountant, the Secretary of the Board and the Coordinator for the Environment and Competitiveness Initiative for the Fund.

Elizabeth holds a BA in Accounting from Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey in Mexico City, a Master’s of Science in Environment and Development from University of East Anglia in Norwich, UK, and a Tax Specialization.