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Juan Carlos Riveros

Science Director

Oceana Staff

Juan Carlos Riveros is a Biologist graduated from the National Agrarian University La Molina, and recently completed the Master’s Program in Forest Resources Conservation.

At the beginning of his career in Conservation Sciences he dedicated himself to the study of seabirds and shore of the Peruvian coast. In addition, he worked on endangered species assessments, landscape ecology and spatial planning for the identification of priority areas through geographic information tools and remote sensing. Riveros joined WWF Peru in 1998, where he developed a broad career spanning seventeen years in which he worked in local and regional positions.

He was particularly renowned for his work as Science Leader of WWF Peru’s Amazon Program, whose team developed the Amazonian biodiversity conservation vision and the Hydrological Information System to assess the impact of hydroenergy development in the region. In recent years he has specialized in the use of science to support political decision-making on energy and adaptation to climate change.

Location: Peru