Natividad Sánchez | Oceana

Natividad Sánchez

Director of Communications, Europe

Oceana Staff

I think I have made a fool of myself in every possible way in the sea, namely: being unable to stand for ten seconds on a surfboard, turning a canoe over in only 10 inch waves, not being able to tie anything more complicated than a figure-eight knot, stepping on sea urchins, getting sick in a ferry, forgetting how to attach a diving regulator after only a month.

My conclusion after this list of failures is that my place must be on land and that my fate is to only see the sea via my computer’s desktop.

Anyway, if I spend eleven months on the phone and in front of the keyboard, I want to find everything in good condition when I set foot on the beach. As astronauts are not owners of the sky, the ocean is neither exclusive to seamen. It belongs to everyone, and that is why each of us is responsible for a part of it. What we do or don´t do on land ends up in the sea. Leaving it as we found it would be a lesson in good manners to upcoming generations.

The Dakota indians said that we will be known forever by the traces we leave, and these traces seem to be oil spills, decimated schools of fish, devastated sea beds and jellyfish invasions, among other evils. We should look for a happy ending right away.