• Is that endangered shark liver oil in your face cream?

    Author: Angela Pauly
    Date: June 4, 2013

    Are you smearing liver oil from endangered deep-sea sharks on yourself every morning and night?

    Your reflex may be to answer: “Obviously not!” But the truth is, you don’t know, and European cosmetic companies aren’t required to tell you if the squalene (or squalane) they use as an emollient in your face cream comes from shark liver oil, or from plant-based alternatives.

    We’re not happy about being kept in the dark, and neither should you be.

  • A new era for European fisheries?

    Author: Amélie Malafosse
    Date: May 30, 2013

    Good news: this morning, just before 4 am, the European Parliament and Council of fisheries ministers reached a deal on the CFP Reform – and it’s actually not so bad.

  • On Cod and the Kattegat

    Author: Peter Pierrou
    Date: May 28, 2013

    Over the last couple of years, several reports have come out on the come-back of cod in the Baltic Sea. It turns out; a lot of stocks are doing pretty well and are growing. Of course, the fish are still smaller in size than 20 years ago and most scientists advise a cautious approach, but there is at least hope. Unfortunately, this positive news doesn’t apply to the Kattegat sea, which has been quite overlooked in the public debate on cod.

  • Meet the Ringneck Blenny

    Author: Mike Michalitsis
    Date: May 24, 2013

    I was going through Oceana’s photo database when I came across these little beauties and was amazed by how cute and awesome they look at the same time. There isn’t very much information available on this type of fish, but I was able to track some down.

  • Happy International Day for Biological Diversity!

    Author: Angela Pauly
    Date: May 22, 2013

    Quick question: How do you feel about diversity? At Oceana, we believe that diversity is source of the strength and beauty of nature, and we celebrate Biodiversity Day every day. This year’s theme: Water and Biodiversity – hits very close to home (there isn’t any closer actually).

  • Let’s set sail: the path to restoring the Baltic Sea

    Author: Hanna Paulomäki
    Date: May 17, 2013

    The Baltic Sea has the oddly contradictory record of being a frontrunner both in good and bad – on one hand it holds the unfortunate record of being one of the most polluted seas in the world, but on the other, countries in the region have ambitious political plans for its restoration which, if implemented, could put it on the path to recovery. The Helsinki Convention (HELCOM) has been setting environmental targets for the restoration of this sea for almost 40 years already.

  • Inching towards a fisheries deal

    Author: Xavier Pastor
    Date: May 13, 2013

    This article originally appeared in the EU Observer on May 13th, 2013.

    As EU fish ministers meet in Brussels today and tomorrow (13-14 May) the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) is on the brink of a crucial step in its reform process

  • Meet the Spiny Seastar

    Author: Mike Mihalitsis
    Date: May 10, 2013

    We thought it was high time to bring back a Friday tradition we started a while ago, to introduce our readers to some interesting sea creatures. This week, we are featuring the spiny sea star (Marthaasterias glacialis).

  • Toxic Salmon not ok for Swedish mums, but the French call it a delicacy

    Author: Peter Pierrou
    Date: May 8, 2013

    An investigative report has aired some interesting, and unfortunately disturbing news out of Sweden.