Jonathan Frank | Oceana
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Jonathan Frank

Director, Marketing and Corporate Relationships
Oceana Staff

At 6, I got my first glimpse of the ocean on a summer visit to my grandmother’s in New Jersey. I remember disliking the sand (in my french fries and scorching my feet) and being scared of the water (thanks, Jaws!).

The surf was a different story though. I could stand comfortably without fear of sharks or 2nd degree burns and was mesmerized watching the wet sand ebb and flow across my feet.

Many years later, it seems fitting that I found comfort in that space where two entities meet and interchange. It’s what I do with partnerships – bring people and organizations together to look for the common areas where our objectives overlap.

More often than not, those objectives include incredible storytelling and creative marketing but what makes me feel really fortunate is that, without fail, the talented people on the other side of the partnership eagerly commit time, energy and resources because we share an ultimate vision – healthy and abundant oceans.