Andrew Sharpless Speaks at the New England Aquarium | Oceana

Last month, Oceana CEO Andy Sharpless visited the New England Aquarium to talk about his new book, The Perfect Protein: A Fish Lover’s Guide to Saving the Oceans and Feeding the World. Co-authored with Suzannah Evans, the book explains how seafood will be key to solving the coming global hunger crisis. Wild fish populations in decline because of overfishing, destruction of habitat and bycatch, and we need to act fast in order to save them. The good news is that if just 25 coastal nations of the world—including the United States—take three steps to better manage their fisheries, our oceans will become far more abundant and capable of feeding hundreds of millions more people every day at a sustainable rate.

Check out Sharpless’ talk at the New England Aquarium to learn more: