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October 7, 2012

In the kelp forest

BY: Oceana


We have made three diving and ROV. One on the eastern slope to about 520 meters, another in a small Canyon Southeast approximately 380 metres, and the last at a low over the top climbing up to 40 meters.

In the first, mainly with detrital bottom, we find some interesting things, including monkfish (Lophius budegassa and Chaunax pictus) and an amphora.

In the second, a rocky area with plenty of life between the small caves and crevices, fish appeared clock, parrots, brótolas…, but also many lines, ropes and attached networks.

In the third, the small elevation was covered with algae. A great forest of kelp (Laminaria ochroleuca and Saccorhiza polyschides), hillsides full of Red gorgonians (Paramuricea clavata) and great banks of amberjack (mostly Seriola rivoliana), together with fish crossbows, barracudas, etc.

Given that the day was very calm and they still remained us daylight hours, we carry out a dive with divers to film the catheads banks and collect samples of kelp so that the University of the Algarve can perform their work of genetics on these algae.