Notes from the Pacific Expedition -- August 25, 2013 | Oceana

August 25, 2013

Daisy to North Heceta Bank

Today we completed two dives on the north/northwest slope of Daisy Bank. Seven hundred feet below the surface we saw small red gorgonian corals attached to large boulders, glass sponge, barrel sponge, rockfish and box crab. At one point a large ray flew right under our ROV

Throughout the day the seas calmed and the sun came out.  We transited south to explore some large rocky reef features north of Heceta Bank.  An ocean sunfish (mola mola) splashed at the surface and albatross lazed about on the calm water.  During our first dive a pod of 12 orcas surfaced, jumped and splashed past the Miss Linda.  Orcas are truly magnificent top ocean predators, and they never cease to amaze.

With perfect weather, we completed five dives today.  Knowing the sea won’t stay calm, we were faced with the choice of running back to Newport or spending another night and trying again in the morning. Excited for the chance to continue our ROV dives in the morning, we stayed.