Oceana Pacific Expedition Featured on Portland News | Oceana

On our recent Pacific expedition, Oceana took a camera where none has gone before -- to the ocean depths off the Oregon coast. Our Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) captured rare seafloor habitat -- tiny rockfish hiding in barrel sponges, corals, and giant glass sponges up to two hundred years old. The footage surprised even the expedition crew!

"Many of these places have never been seen before; they're too deep, too far offshore...We were absolutely astonished by what we saw," explained expedition leader Ben Enticknap.

We hope that the amazing creatures captured in this video footage can help to make the case for closing 1,300 square miles of ocean habitat off the coast of Oregon to devastating bottom trawl fishing. With this footage, Oceana will push for the protection and conservation of this rich ocean habitat and the marine creatures that call it home. 

Watch our news feature on Portland local news KGW: