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October 2, 2012

Ready to delve into the Atlantic

BY: Oceana


According to the weather forecast, weather going to give us a respite in the Gorringe. It may be only 2-3 days, so let’s take advantage of it.

Today we are in port (Vilamoura) doing paperwork and receiving the new Portuguese scientists; and tomorrow we will depart for the Gettysburg seamount with forecast return on Sunday, October 7. Then, back to the Mediterranean.

The past three days have been working with the Universidade do Algarve to document drop zones and not drag. We found some interesting things, like deepwater fields of crinoids, corals (few, without reaching form reefs), muddy bottoms of scampi and prawns, some corals and gorgonians little known (as a Nephtheidae – coral cauliflower – of cold water which is normally located in Norway and Iceland), etc.