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September 25, 2012

Rescuing a wounded gannet

BY: Oceana


Logo LIFE-INDEMARESWe do not get out to sail and, although it was not planned in the expedition, we have carried out a dive with divers. Divers have failed to take a corner sheltered from the waves on this coast, opposite Roquetas de Mar, and dive in a magnificent meadow of posidonia, one of the latest reefs barrier preserved in Spain. This, fortunately, is included in the project LIFE + Posidonia which Andalusia has launched, and which will result in a series of management measures for the conservation of various Andalusian meadows, slowing down activities that threaten them like trawling and illegal dredging, frequent in the area.

Today, moreover, we have been helping to take a wounded alcatraz, which was in the port. A woman came to tell us, so we called to emergencies – sent a technical environment of the Junta de Andalucía – and we got in touch with members of the Fundación PROMAR who are taking care of a dolphin listed on the entrance to the port. Alcatraz has a rather dangerous peak, but between the PROMAR team there was a girl with experience in these animals, so Mario, the Ranger captain, offered to take us on the boat from Oceana to try to catch it. Between them, we are a team of six people and managed to catch him, but not without moments of danger, because in the struggle the bird was about to take a look at one of the rescuers. Finally, the technician of the Board took to CREA (recovery of endangered species Centre) of Almería. It was an exemplary young man with the shattered left wing. We hope that he recovers.