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October 1, 2012

Researching the effects of bottom trawling in Faro

BY: Oceana


These days (29 and 30 September and 1 October) have been working in Faro, collaborating on a project on the effects of trawling on seabed coordinated by the University of the Algarve. During the three days that we have been filming funds front lighthouse, we’ve had on board two participants in the study, Paulo Jorge Menano Ribeiro da Fonseca, of the University of the Algarve, and Rui Pedro Silva Vieira, of the University of Aveiro.

The works are framed in a project to determine the effects of trawling, the most aggressive that exists on the seabed off the southern coast of Portugal. Oceana is involved contributing images that complement other campaigns that are underway for the sampling of these funds, the dragged and not carried over, with the aim of making a comparison. The results of these three days have been very satisfactory, since we have obtained 15 hours of filming of depth of crinoids, corals wallpapers, communities of polychaetes and also the protagonists of the three days: lobsters and several species of prawns showing curious behavior before the Chamber, leaving and entering its galleries and reacting in the presence of the ROV.