Ranger 2011: Mediterranean and Atlantic Seamounts and Canyons | Oceana

The Ranger

Studying Seamounts and Sea Canyons

Oceana’s Ranger sailed through the western Mediterranean and the Atlantic in search of seamounts, sea canyons and other ocean environments rich in biodiversity, but largely unexplored until now.




In the summer of 2011, Ranger sailed for two months through the western Mediterranean and the Atlantic to study seamounts and sea canyons, ocean environments that are rich in biodiversity but relatively unexplored due to their depth and complex terrains.

Oceana collaborated with Portuguese government officials and scientists to investigate the Gorringe Bank, a little-explored seamount and an oasis of biodiversity southwest of Portugal. Oceana last surveyed these waters in 2005, but this time around, using an underwater robot (ROV), the scientists and divers explored and documented areas more than 2,500 feet – half a mile – below the surface of the ocean.

The ROV recorded high-resolution videos and photos, which will ultimately be used to propose the creation of marine protected areas and other conservation measures.


The Crew

Ricardo Aguilar

Senior Advisor & Expedition Leader, Europe

Paulo Jorge Menano

Algarve University (Portugal)

Gorka Leclercq

Underwater videographer (Spain)

Thierry Lannoy

Diving Team Coordinator (France)

Ingrid F. Lacoste

Cook (Argentina)

Eva María Jiménez

Deckhand (Spain)

Josep Fleta

ROV's Technician (Spain)

José Luis Escudero

Deckhand (Spain)

Frederico Miguel Cunha de Oliveira

Algarve University (Portugal)

Mario Conde

Deckhand (Spain)

Pedro Alexandrino Silva Ferreira 

Algarve University (Portugal)

Rui Pedro Silva

Aveiro University (Portugal)

Pitu (Josep Maria) Rovirosa

ROV's Technician (Spain)

Jesús Molino

Logistic (Spain)