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Oceana x Discovery Shark Week


How is Oceana collaborating with Discovery?

Discovery and Oceana are teaming up to help protect sharks threatened by a global shark fin trade that includes fins from as many as 73 million sharks each year. Through campaigns that educate and inspire, Oceana is raising awareness on why healthy oceans need sharks. Funds raised for Oceana during Shark Week help to save sharks and protect the oceans.


Who else is supporting Oceana during Shark Week?

The fight to end the global shark fin trade is supported by collaborations with major brands that raise funds and awareness for sharks. Oceana is excited to collaborate with the following brands:



With their 5th annual pair of shark-inspired sunglasses, the Shark Week Fort Knocks are officially a Knockaround Tradition. As in previous years, $5 from every pair sold will be donated to Oceana. | Learn more


Great Clips

For every Great Clips Online Check-In app downloaded during July, Great Clips will donate $1 to Oceana.



To let the public know about Vans’ support of Oceana’s mission to protect the world’s oceans and the sharks that call them home, Vans and Discovery’s Shark Week teamed up on a new line of shoes and apparel. | Learn more


Discovery Go and Amazon Fire

For every hour you stream in the Discovery GO app on Fire devices, $1 will be donated to Oceana. | Learn more


Future Games of London

Gaming app Hungry Shark World will launch an in-game Oceana accessory that provides players bonus health and raises awareness for key shark species threatened by shark finning.


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