Chile Protects Juan Fernandez Islands and Wildlife Found Nowhere Else on Earth | Oceana
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In a huge victory for Oceana, Chilean President Michelle Bachelet protected 262,000 square kilometers of ocean surrounding the Juan Fernandez Islands. As documented by Oceana’s expeditions, these islands, among the most biodiverse and productive ocean places on the planet, are home to wildlife found nowhere else on the planet. Oceana worked closely with the local communities and small-scale fishers over several years to win protections for the sea while also preserving their own sustainable lobster and fishing efforts. Oceana also partnered with National Geographic's Pristine Seas project on this closure via joint expeditions, reports and direct advocacy. As a result of the Juan Fernandez announcement and other closures resulting from campaigns by Oceana and it allies, 25 percent of Chile's ocean is now protected as no-take marine parks. This milestone has made Chile a true global leader in ocean conservation.