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Ingrid De Ycaza

Celebrity Supporter

Ingrid is a Panamanian singer, actress, and activist. She has more than 20 years of experience as a singer and in the musical theater field. Ingrid is one of the most popular influencers in Panama, well known for her impressive voice, many talents as an artist, and great fashion style. She is also well-known for being a philanthropist, always using her media to leave a message and make a statement in her own language.

Ingrid lived as a teenager in Canada where she learned French and English and developed her great social skills. She’s an avid traveler (and primarily responsible for the beautiful and fun images she shares) and loves learning from people around the world, meeting new cultures and always trying to leave a positive mark wherever she goes.

Ingrid recently joined Oceana in Panama City, Panama for the 2023 Our Ocean conference, where she helped increase awareness about the threat of plastic pollution on our oceans.

“When Oceana told me that about two garbage trucks full of plastic are dumped into the ocean every minute, I felt a responsibility to get involved,” she said. “Our beaches, in addition to being one of our most beautiful attributes as a country, are our life. Panama is known for its beautiful beaches, its exuberant natural beauty, and its water activities. But, like many Panamanians, I have seen the impact of plastic pollution on our oceans. The beaches I used to visit as a child have changed; where I used to collect shells in the sand, and now I pick up trash and plastic with my children. More needs to be done before it’s too late.”