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Reid Scott

Celebrity Supporter

Reid Scott is an American Actor best known for his role as Dan Egan on HBO’s Veep. Born and raised in New York state, Reid has spent his summers on the coast and has a passion for ocean conservation.

In 2013, Reid attended Oceana’s Partners Award Gala in Beverly Hills, CA with his wife Elspeth and the following May, he joined Oceana on a trip to Capitol Hill. There, Reid joined Oceana’s Vice President for U.S. Oceans, Jacqueline Savitz, to meet with members of Congress and speak at a congressional briefing that urged elected officials to oppose seismic airgun testing in the Atlantic Ocean.

“I’m here to say that the risk is simply too great. We can find better ways to satisfy our growing hunger for energy. We don’t need to threaten our fisheries, our local economies, or our marine mammals and we sure as hell don’t need to expand dirty and dangerous offshore drilling.” – Reid Scott