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Oceana celebrates new leadership and new headquarters

Press Release Date: December 7, 2018

Location: Washington, DC


Anna Baxter | email: abaxter@oceana.org
Anna Baxter


On Tuesday, Oceana’s international Board of Directors, Executive Committee, staff, and supporters joined together to celebrate Oceana’s new board leadership and new global headquarters in Washington, DC.  Oceana announced that Valarie Van Cleave, formerly the organization’s Vice-Chair and a long-time board member, will be the organization’s new Chair and that Ted Danson will succeed Van Cleave as Oceana’ s Vice-Chair.

Other attendees at the event included Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Shultz, Senator Kevin Ranker and Oceana’s board of directors.

Oceana’s CEO, Andy Sharpless welcomed guests to the event and introduced Oceana’s new board officers noting that “Oceana’s job is to win policies that help make our oceans abundant.  Ted and Valarie are proven winners, and it’s great to have them leading our board of directors.” Van Cleave remarked on the significance of the new board leadership: “I am honored to be Oceana’s first woman chair.  Given the large number of women leaders in our organization and here tonight, I would be willing to bet that I will be the first of many.”  Van Cleave is a former business executive who has since spearheaded successful fundraising efforts for political campaigns and conservation advocacy. She co-founded and co-chaired SeaChange, a record-breaking benefit for Oceana.

Danson spoke about his long involvement with Oceana. “Being a part of this organization and this board is thrilling,” he said, “many of us– occasionally – wonder if it is possible anymore to make positive change happen and Oceana is proof that it is possible.” Danson began working in ocean conservation nearly 30 years ago when he founded the American Oceans Campaign in the midst of starring on the long-running TV show Cheers. AOC was subsequently merged into Oceana.

Additional newly elected officers for Oceana include Diana Thomson as Treasurer and James Sandler as Board Secretary.  Other board members include board president Keith Addis, Dr. César Gaviria, David Rockefeller, Jr., Dr. Daniel Pauly, Dr. Kristian Parker, Dr. Rashid Sumaila, Gaz Alazraki, Heather Stevens, Herbert M. Bedolfe, III, Jean Weiss, Jena King, Loic Gouzer, María Eugenia Girón, Monique Bär, Sara Lowell, Simon Sidamon-Eristoff, Stephen P. McAllister, Susan Rockefeller, and Sydney Davis. Full bios of Oceana’s board are available at oceana.org/about-oceana/leadership/board-of-directors.

Photos of the event are available here:  https://bit.ly/2Ejec3U

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