Oceana CEO Andrew Sharpless Plans 2024 Retirement - Oceana

Oceana CEO Andrew Sharpless Plans 2024 Retirement

Press Release Date: August 22, 2023

Location: Washington, DC


Gillian Spolarich | email: gspolarich@oceana.org

Sam Waterston, Chair of Oceana’s Board of Directors, issued the following statement:

“Andy Sharpless, Oceana’s CEO of 20 years notified the Board that he plans to retire in the summer of 2024.

The Board is very grateful to him for his leadership in building an organization that has grown to be an enormously effective advocate of policies that protect and restore an abundant and biodiverse ocean.

He also has built a strong team led by President Jim Simon, with a deep bench of talent both in the U.S. and in its campaign teams around the globe.

The Board of Directors appreciates the year’s notice Andy has given of his retirement and will use that time to run a thoughtful and inclusive process to appoint his successor.”

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