Oceana offers “Gulf Pelican Adoption” in Time for the Holidays | Oceana

Oceana offers “Gulf Pelican Adoption” in Time for the Holidays

Press Release Date: December 2, 2010

Location: Washington, D.C.


Anna Baxter | email: abaxter@oceana.org
Anna Baxter

Oceana announced the official launch of its fifth annual “Adopt a Creature” holiday giving program, which provides support for Oceana and its global efforts to prevent the collapse of marine ecosystems. 

The 2010 adoption center features a new ‘Gulf Adoption Kit’. Proceeds will help Oceana continue to campaign to protect the Gulf of Mexico and other marine areas from oil spills and other threats to the health of our oceans. The Adoption Center will also feature ten symbolic adoptions for marine creatures that give visitors the choice between marine creature plush toys and cookie cutters, and all include a personalized adoption certificate. Oceana also offers honor cards that let the recipients know about the gifts made in their honor. It’s a perfectly packaged gift that will make the holiday bright. 

“The new Gulf-themed gift kit offers a way for people to show concern for the Gulf and a way to support our campaign help prevent future disasters,” said Jeff Wiedner, Oceana’s Director of E-Activism. 

The new kit will include a pelican plush toy and a personalized certificate of symbolic adoption, with optional information card commemorating the 2010 Oceana expedition to the Gulf, Nautica “Save the Gulf” T-shirt, and wooden frame for the adoption certificate. Along with the limited edition “Gulf Pelican Adoption,” Oceana again offers supporters the chance to adopt a dolphin, octopus, penguin, polar bear, sea turtle or shark and receive cookie cutters, as well as the chance to adopt a dolphin, hammerhead shark, killer whale or seal and receive a plush toy. Those who adopt can personalize their adoption certificates for the marine creatures, frame the certificates, and have their kits gift-wrapped for loved ones.

All marine creatures available for adoption can be viewed at Oceana’s online adoption center, where donors can make adoptions year round: oceana.org/adopt. Donation levels for the program range from $35 to $200. For more details on Oceana’s “Adopt a Creature” holiday program visit our FAQ page. For more information about Oceana’s mission to protect the world’s oceans, visit oceana.org/support.