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Oceana To Search For New President

Press Release Date: October 5, 2009

Location: Washington


Anna Baxter | email: abaxter@oceana.org
Anna Baxter

Oceana, the international non-profit conservation group dedicated to protecting the world’s oceans, announced today that it is seeking a new president.  After leading the organizational and start-up phase of the organization, Oceana’s founding president, Steve Roady, is leaving his position.  “My chief mission as founding president has been to ensure that Oceana is well-launched.  That mission is accomplished. ” said Mr. Roady.  “I now plan to devote my full energy and attention to what I have enjoyed doing for many years, developing and implementing successful legal strategies to protect ocean resources and those who depend upon them.”

“We have accepted Steve’s decision with regret,” said Dr. Joshua Reichert, Chairman of the Board of Oceana.  “Under his leadership, Oceana has emerged in the past year as an important new force in improving the stewardship of the seas.  The Oceana Board of Directors is grateful for his work during the initial start-up of this important organization.   He has been responsible for getting Oceana established, helping to define its programmatic agenda, recruiting a highly experienced and dedicated staff, and developing its administrative structure, as well as its membership and development programs.”

In particular, Dr. Reichert highlighted some of Oceana’s latest accomplishments, “We are proud of Oceana’s successful efforts to protect the world’s oceans, such as rebuilding New England’s cod fishery through enforcement of the law, reducing waste and bycatch in destructive fishing operations through its OceansAtRisk.com campaign, addressing ocean pollution by encouraging prompt ratification and full implementation of the international Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) treaty, and developing international support for its mission at the upcoming World Summit on Sustainable Development.”

“Steve set the stage for both Oceana’s domestic and international programs” Dr. Reichert continued.  “He has devoted himself tirelessly to the initial task of organizing and launching Oceana not only in the United States, but also in Europe and Latin America.  His work has positioned Oceana to make a significant contribution to the vital effort to halt destructive fishing practices such as overfishing and wasteful catch, to minimize ongoing damage to ocean habitats, to reduce toxic pollution, and to improve the health of ocean ecosystems.  The future of the oceans will become brighter as Oceana continues to build on the work started by Steve.”

Mr. Roady intends to remain fully engaged in ocean conservation work “Steve is dedicated and tenacious,” said Dr. Reichert.  “He has been a real asset to the conservation community which owes him a debt of gratitude for his efforts on behalf of the marine environment. Our sense of loss at Steve’s decision is tempered by the fact that he will remain closely involved in the important work of protecting the oceans.”  Oceana’s Board of Directors will immediately begin an aggressive international search for Mr. Roady’s successor.