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This Grand Cayman ReefCam shows one of the many near-shore reefs in the Caribbean. Coral colonies provide shelter, protection from currents and predators, and areas for breeding, spawning, nursing, feeding and resting for fish and other species. Furthermore, corals are important recorders of climate change. Living hundreds to thousands of years, coral colonies allow researchers to study, discover, and confirm changes in the climate over the centuries. However, coral communities are facing threats from ocean acidification, bottom trawl nets, dredges, and destructive fishing gear, and it may take centuries to recover. The loss of these coral ecosystems takes away homes for a host of marine life. Using the Oceana Approach, we work hard to protect and maintain the ocean’s coral reefs and the species that depend on them.

This feed is operated through a partnership with the University of the Virgin Islands Center for Marine and Environmental Studies. ReefCam is proud to support the Center’s oceanographic research. Visit to view more live feeds and support marine conservation.

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