Our Campaigns - Oceana

Our Campaigns

Oceana is campaigning around the world for science-based policies that stop overfishing, protect habitat, increase transparency, protect our climate, curb plastic pollution, and increase biodiversity.

These proven strategies are helping to rebuild abundant and biodiverse oceans, which can feed a billion people a healthy seafood meal every day, forever.

Our Victories

Since 2001, Oceana has won over 275 victories for the oceans and protected nearly 4 million square miles of ocean habitat. Our science-based campaigns have specific goals and deadlines — enabling us to create real, measurable change for the oceans. From stopping bottom trawling in sensitive habitat areas to protecting sea turtles from commercial fishing gear, Oceana has been a leader in protecting and restoring marine biodiversity and abundance.

Our Expeditions

Oceana’s on-the-water expeditions bring to life the essential underwater areas we seek to protect. Since 2005, Oceana has led more than 55 expeditions and conducted thousands of ocean surveys across the globe.