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Sharks have played a vital role in maintaining healthy oceans for hundreds of millions of years as a top predator. More than 450 species of sharks cruise the world’s oceans, ranging in size from 8 inches to a whopping 40 feet long. But today, nearly one in four sharks and their relatives are threatened with extinction. A major cause is the demand for shark fins. Every year, fins from as many as 73 million sharks end up in the global fin trade.

Learn fun facts and how you can help your favorite sharks - from great white sharks to hammerhead sharks - by clicking a species below.

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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Texas Lawmaker Introduces Bill to Ban Trade of Shark Fins

AUSTIN, TX—Today, a Texas lawmaker introduced a bill that would prohibit the sale, trade, purchase and transportation of shark fins...

Monday, February 16, 2015

Death of Rare Shark Highlights Need for Gillnet Ban

Scalloped hammerhead drowns in Hopkins fisherman’s gillnet

Shovelnose Guitarfish

Shortfin Mako Shark

Pacific Angel Shark

Oceanic Whitetip Shark