Mariana Aziz | Oceana

Mariana Aziz

Director of Transparency Campaign

Oceana Staff

Mariana studied Law at ITAM and later a Master in Environmental Law and Public Policy at UCL, London.

From the beginning of her career as a lawyer, she felt passionate about environmental law and began to study issues related to environmental justice, the relationship that exists between law and environmental impacts on vulnerable communities. She has extensive experience working in the public sector, before working as the Transparency Campaigns director for Oceana Mexico, she worked in the Supreme Court and in the Federal Government in topics related to environmental regulation.

Mariana firmly believes that the law and policies should be transformed into useful tools to protect the environment, as well as all the species that live on this planet. As Director of Transparency Campaigns, she seeks to work to achieve a more transparent fishing sector and thus contribute having abundant oceans and a positive impact on fishing communities.