The Bering Strait Marine Life and Subsistence Data Synthesis | Oceana

Oceana and Kawerak, Inc. recently completed the Bering Strait Marine Life and Subsistence Data Synthesis, which portrays areas of importance and high abundance for marine species such as ice seals, walrus, polar bears, and whales, as well as other marine ecosystem components like benthic habitat and sea ice. This synthesis uses both western science and Alaska Natives’ Local and Traditional Knowledge to create a synthesis that decision makers can use to help protect valuable and vulnerable marine areas from human threats such as shipping, and large-scale commercial fishing.

For further information, or to obtain a high-resolution PDF of the Synthesis, please contact Brianne Mecum, Pacific GIS Analyst ( | 907-586-4050) or Julie Raymond-Yakoubian, Kawerak Social Science Program Director ( | 907-443-4273)

Download the Report