• The Belize Manatee Project

    Author: Janelle Chanona
    Date: September 30, 2014

    As far as charismatic creatures go, dolphins, whales, turtles and sharks seem to have a monopoly in the marine world. But not to be outdone, manatees have been a source of fascination for seafaring cultures since the time of the ancient Greeks. History tells us that at one point salt soaked sailors even mistook these slow moving mammals with their round faces, paddle-like tails and human like eyes for mermaids. 

  • Fragments of Hope

    Author: Janelle Chanona
    Date: September 30, 2014

    In the year 2000, the world was worried about Y2K and what would or would not happen to computers. I was a rookie reporter that year and I can tell you that workshops hosted even then about global warming, desertification, coral bleaching and disease, ocean acidification were still considered largely “foreign” concepts, easily dismissed by the general public.

  • The Half Moon Caye Journal

    Author: Janelle Chanona
    Date: August 26, 2014

    August 11th 2014

  • Janelle Chanona becomes Oceana's new leader in Belize

    Author: Alain Alexis
    Date: January 8, 2014

    Janelle Chanona becomes Oceana's new leader in Belize

    Former newscaster joins ocean conservation group, pledges to win campaigns to protect

    Belize's reef.

    Oceana, the world's largest international ocean conservation group, announced today that Janelle Chanona has joined Oceana as its new leader for Belize.  The former Belize newscaster and Belmopan native will lead Oceana's efforts to protect Belize's barrier reef.

  • Reef Week

    Author: Honorable Lisel Alamilla
    Date: March 18, 2013


    Ladies and gentlemen, specially invited guests, a PLEASANT GOODEVENING to one and all;It is indeed a Great Honor and Privilege to be given an opportunity to address to you this evening on this very special occasion of the launch of "Reef Week" which has been aptly captioned under the theme:


    Belizeans! People of the Reef!!!

  • Belize’s Ban on Trawling featured on Al Jazeera

    Author: Hipolito Bautista
    Date: July 12, 2012

    Belize’s 2011 ban on trawling continues to receive international exposure and recognition when, on July 8, 2012, a five and a half minute television feature entitled ‘Banned in Belize’ was aired on Al Jazeera’s Earthrise, a show which explores solutions to today's environmental challenges by taking an upbeat look at ecological, scientific, technological and design projects the world over.

    Filmed in Belize, Al Jazeera’s Sharita Hutton interviewed Oceana’s Vice President Audrey Matura Shepherd who spoke on Oceana’s efforts in seeking the ban and Belize’s victory when the Government of Belize enacted legislation banning all forms of trawling, making it the first country in the world to have done so.


  • The People Must Decide

    Author: Audrey Matura-Shepherd
    Date: January 12, 2012

    Amelia M. Poornananda J.P., Administrative Officer at the Office of the Governor General signing to recieve Petition Signatures being delivered by Oceanas' V.P Audrey Matura-Shepherd and COLA's President, Moses Sulph.On December 8, 2011 Oceana in Belize on behalf of the Coalition to Save Our Natural Heritage delivered to the Office of the Governor General of Belize boxes wrapped as Christmas gifts containing petitions forms requesting  a referendum to be held on whether or not Belize should allow offshore oil exploration and drilling in its marine areas.

    This is an issue of national importance, and of utmost delicacy, given the fact that Belize’s marine areas and resources are our number one tourist attraction and foreign-exchange earner. However, it is also our source of food, jobs, cultural identity and national pride. Our waters represent our patrimony and heritage and that is why the Belize Barrier Reef System is classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, but it is now being placed on a danger list by UNESCO with threats of declassification.

     According to the Referendum (Amendment) Act of Belize, 2008, once the petitioners present the petition forms to the Governor General, he must forthwith turn these over to the Chief Elections Officer for verification.  This therefore means that each signature will be scrutinized to ensure it was provided by valid registered voters.  This process should be done within two months, but not beyond.

    Presently, this is the process that is ongoing and which should be concluded by 9th of February 2012, the latest.  Sources within the Election and Boundaries Office indicate that additional scrutinizers have been hired but that very tenuous grounds, signatures are being disqualified to ensure that the 10% threshold is not met.  Oceana delivered 18,500 signatures and under the law the Coalition needed to have 17,620 valid signatures to meet the legal obligation of 10%.  If this is achieved then we move on to the next step.


  • Victory! Belize Bans Trawling

    Author: Emily Fisher
    Date: December 8, 2010

    A huge win out of Belize today: All forms of trawling have been banned in the country's waters. And we’re proud to say that our colleagues in Belize played a crucial role in making it happen.