Hanna Paulomäki | Oceana
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Hanna Paulomäki

Deputy Policy & Advocacy Director, Europe
Oceana Staff

Wherever Hanna lived, the sea has always been there. For long she took the sea for granted and focused her attention elsewhere. But, she saw its changes and became concerned by what she saw: the algae blooms and depleted environments. She wanted to work to bring it back to its beauty.

She has been working with Baltic Sea fisheries and MPAs campaigns, during the past couple of years mostly with MPAs. She has also been involved in pan-European habitats protection work and our expeditions; the latest ones being the Sound and the North Sea expeditions.

She has MSc in animal ecology, minors in hydrobiology/environmental biology and social sciences from the University of Helsinki and minor in environmental law from University of Lapland. Her professional career is focused on marine ecology, before Oceana she worked for the convention on the protection of the Baltic Sea marine environment (the Helsinki Convention).

Location: Finland